Customer wishing to collect goods may contact the warehouse or e-mail rma@aift.com.tw

Customers should note that no goods will be given to a third party of a customer nominated forwarder, unless it is stated on the Customer Purchase Order (CPO). In order to comply with Customs Regulations, customers or their nominated forwarders must provide the proper document for collection.

Customers should clearly state the Terms Of Purchase on the CPO in order to avoid any delays
in processing orders.To ensure us to meets the committed turnaround time (TAT) and to
maintain customer satisfaction, please adhere to the following timings:

Customer Pick-up Timings (Monday TO Friday)
Collection time: 9.00 am ??5.30 pm
Please allow a minimum of 2 hours TAT time for pick-up. Please be
aware that there may be a short waiting period during peak
pick-up times. We will Endeavour to serve you as promptly as possible.